Welcome to Aspen Day Trippers!

Hello parents and welcome to Aspen Day Trippers!

Aspen Day Trippers is open for the summer!

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Call (970) 948-3260

email me at aspendaytrippers@yahoo.com

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Monday – Mountain Monday (Bouldering/Scrambling/Hiking)
Tuesday – Urban Mountain Biking and Swimming
Wednesday – Whitewater River Rafting
Thursday – Urban Mountain Biking and Swimming
Friday – Freestyle Friday
Saturday – Private Lessons/Special Adventures
Sunday – Sunday Funday Campout!

Since 1989 I have made Aspen my home. My love of skiing and travel brought me to the mountains.  I have been a ski instructor for the Aspen Skiing Company since that first winter.  In 1997, I created Aspen Day Trippers; an adventure based day camp designed for children.  Aspen Day Trippers is a camp where kids come together to experience the fun of summer, and make a connection with the natural world in this truly remarkable place.

Aspen Day Trippers is about education, coaching and socialization … Teaching kids how to safely learn new skills, how to interact in a group and make new friends, and how to build self-esteem by creating goals and accomplishing new skills. ADT activities are a means for achieving these goals.

Aspen Day Trippers focuses on small group experiences. My philosophy behind the camp is that each staff member make a connection with every child.  It is that connection that builds a trusting relationship— important as your child explores the mountain environment.  Through training and understanding I have come to learn how kids think and play, which makes Aspen Day Trippers a fun and unique camp.

I am given the trust and responsibility of taking care of your children. As important as my day is with your kids, so too is my relationship with you, another aspect of my business that I foster and enjoy. The mountains and rivers pose inherent risks. I value your children’s lives above all else, and their safety and happiness is a constant focus at Aspen Day Trippers.

Please call or e-mail me anytime,

Alan Van Winkle

Owner and Counselor, Driver, Guide, Coach and Friend


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  • Immunizations

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