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Physical Fitness

We believe that if you are a participant in ADT tours that you are healthy and in good physical shape. Our activities do require a basic level of fitness. The greater the fitness you show up with, the better you’ll tend to do and the more you’ll enjoy the activities. Our guided tours are for intermediate to advanced hikers or mountain bikers. Rides and hikes will vary in length, with both climbing and descending. Certain rides and hikes have technical aspects (depending on the tour we design for you). We are not out to set time records or go beyond your ability. Our pace is relaxed and always about enjoying the activity and the brilliant views.

Altitude Acclimatizing

Altitude and acclimatizing is a real thing to be taken seriously, and it varies from person to person. Traveling from sea level to the mountains of Colorado; we recommend having a few days to acclimatize. Staying hydrated and drinking less alcohol will benefit your experience. Most of our sleeping destinations will be above 7000’ feet above sea level (Aspen is at 7980’). We pride ourselves on personal service and encourage you to contact us with questions.  


Aspen Day Trippers are not responsible for valuables. Van/trailer will be locked when we are on activities. We suggest bringing wallets and phones with you on activities, and to be mindful of your valuables.

Daily Cost

Due to current conditions we require reservations and advance bookings. All daily activities are $140 per participant due upon your booking. We accept payment through Venmo. With limited daily numbers we apologize in advance if space is unavailable. All days are subject to change depending on the weather and availability. Because we are a small adventure company we have the flexibility to adapt and change given the conditions.


All participants, guides, and children must have their own health insurance. Aspen Day Trippers has no medical services or pharmaceutical supplies in the van (other than basic First Aid kits). Please bring any medications, sunscreens, toiletries, and come prepared to administer your own medical needs. Due to our activities and locations, our tours can be far from a medical facility/hospital or pharmacy.  All of our guides have CPR and First Aid and are trained in the event of a medical emergency. We carry SPOT emergency locators if we are out of cell phone service. 

Phone, Internet and Social Media

Cell phone and Internet service is generally unavailable where tours may be located. If necessary we can drive to the location for WiFi or Cell service. ADT supports taking a break from cell phones as much as possible, but also recognizes it’s part of our lives. Social Media is permitted only when guides, participants or guests ask permission to be photographed and posted on the various platforms of Social Media. ADT respects the privacy of every individual, guide, and participant.

Smoking, Alcohol, and Illegal Drugs

Cigarette smoking is not permitted. Drinking is permitted in designated outdoor areas only; it is not permitted in the Vans or TearDrop trailer. Responsible alcohol drinking is permitted for anyone over 21 years old. In accordance with individual state and federal laws the possession of illegal drugs and usage in the van or trailer, and in those states are not permitted and strictly prohibited.

Gear and Clothing

Depending on the activity, appropriate clothing and footwear are required. Additionally, a hydration pack is also required. At altitude our bodies need more water consumption, and the pack is also great for snacks, lunch, sunscreen or personal items. On Mountain Bike days helmets are required, and we suggest that you wear biking gloves.


We have bikes to rent, and there are local shops where bikes are also available. Again text or call for more details or questions. 

Age Restrictions

Aspen Day Tripper participants must be 18 years or older, unless otherwise noted (such as family tours).


For those adventurers looking for a longer experiences contact or call Aspen Day Trippers for full details for activities across Colorado and Utah.


Please let us know if you have any food allergies or restrictions on your application. We are happy to adjust the menu, and cater meals that work to your food preferences. 

Meal preparation is a big part of providing what you need while on an activity or vacation. We will discuss in advance your meals and requests. Aspen Day Trippers has some great food plans, and we aim to provide high quality and healthy camp food. That not only gives you taste and fuel, but also something that is a part of the experience. Telling stories and chillin fireside after an exciting day with a great meal is part of the magic of Aspen Day Trippers. 


Monday, Wednesday and Friday are Urban Mountain Biking or straight up Mountain Biking. Learning all the basic skills to advance on the trail or navigating safely around town. Urban Mountain Biking is a great way to strengthen your skills and understanding of how to properly operate a bike. You can rent or bring your own bike. Whether or not you ever ride singletrack, Urban Mountain Biking is the way to start. 


Tuesday is Boulder Day, a unique hiking and scrambling experience in nature. Taking you to places away from others, learning to navigate the wilderness that surrounds Aspen.


Thursday is a river day, which may encompass rafting, Ducky’s (inflatable kayaks) or Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUPing). 


Saturday and Sunday are private request activities, ranging from mountaineering to Van Camping Tours for friends or families. See Van Camping details on this website.