At Aspen Day Trippers swimming is a part of every day. On biking days we swim down at Heron Park, which is a refreshing way to finish the day. Swimming is obviously a part of rafting, and on the Bouldering day we end up taking the plunge into the Roaring Fork River.

As a special event we may go down to the Glenwood Hot Springs, the largest hot springs pool in the world! Day Trippers are treated to a blast, with two huge waterslides, and a diving board for the perfect summer day… With lifeguards everywhere and plenty of sunscreen your children are very safe.

Also offered is a day at the Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park. (minimum 7 kids) Taking a guided walking tour of the caverns, Day Trippers journey into a pristine underground world where they will see magical formations of stalactites and stalagmites formed millions of years ago, gaining a wonderful insight into caves! If that’s not enough, Day Trippers can work their way up the climbing wall, take a thrilling ride down the Alpine Coaster or fly on the Zip-line. We finish off the day with an ice cream cone, that’s fun! That’s Aspen Day Trippers!

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