Van Camping

Aspen Day Trippers Van Camping experience begins with planning your trip itinerary. We will provide the necessary big gear, from great Mountain Bikes (MTB), E-Mt Bikes, Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUPs), and Yoga mats. If your group exceeds 4 people, we can customize and arrange that adventure too. And if you prefer to stay in your hotel, and focus more on the daily activities, we can accommodate your wants and needs. Example of that would be a hiking trip from Aspen to Crested Butte. The advantage of a smaller customized service that Aspen Day Trippers specializes in for our guests.



Please let us know if you have any food allergies or restrictions on your application. We are happy to adjust the menu, and cater meals that work to your food preferences. 

Meal preparation is a big part of providing what you need while on an active vacation. We will discuss in advance your meals and requests. Aspen Day Trippers has some great food plans, and we aim to provide high quality and healthy camp food. That not only gives you taste and fuel, but also something that is a part of the experience of Van Camping. Telling stories and chillin fireside after an exciting day with a great meal is part of the magic of Aspen Day Trippers. 



Our main activities are Hiking/Mountaineering, Mountain Biking (MTB), E-Mt Biking, Stand Up Paddle-Boarding (SUP), Backpacking and Yoga. It’s your choice, so take your pick, and let’s design your trip. One of our goals is to use these activities to connect you with nature in the Aspen area.   


Whether hiking to some pristine wilderness, peddling flowy singletrack, or floating down a gorgeous river soaking up the western scenery. We plan on guiding these activities with you, so that you are safe and adventuring at your ability. Aspen Day Trippers is about trust, responsibility and building confidence in nature. So that you can visit with us again, share our business with friends, or plan a longer Van Camping supported adventure. Sharing and learning what we know is essential to your success in nature and our success as a company.


Rewarded are the curious, for they shall have adventures”



Pricing for a local 3 day 2 night all inclusive trip:

  • $995 1-2 people
  • $1595 3-4 people
  • $500 deposit is required through Venmo
  • Full payment through Venmo is due prior to departure date.
  • Departure time is between 1:00 – 2:00 pm on a scheduled date.
  • Return time is flexible depending on that day’s activity, but will be sometime on the afternoon of day 3.


Cancellation policy is as follows:

  • 50% refund 4 days from departure.
  • 25% refund 3 days from departure.
  • 0% refund 2 days or less.
  • Cancellations must be made by phone with an Aspen Day Trippers reservationist, 970-948-3260. If you have to cancel your tour; your deposit can be credited to another trip within a year.
  • These all inclusive trips will be scheduled upon request.



Colorado is known for “Bluebird” skies and incredible sunny days. However that being said, things change quickly, with summer afternoon thunder showers temperatures can drop rapidly. It’s best to be prepared with layers. Generally, during the summer temperatures are pleasant for our activities.


Your Clothes and Gear

We’ve all heard the expression, “pack light”; we will suggest that too. Below is our list of what you will need and depending on what kind of tour you’re choosing. Comfortable and practical pretty much covers it.

Clothes for all Tours-

-Light Rain Jacket (great in the wind too)

-Down Puffy Jacket (best for cool evenings and mornings)

-Sweater or Fleece (layering is key)

-Pair of Shorts and Pants (for chillin around the campsite)

-Tee-shirts (cotton’s okay)

-Comfy camp shoes (sneakers)

-Hats (a ski Hat for warmth and baseball for sun)

-Sunglasses (eye protection is necessary)

-Bathing Suit (SUPing and swimming)

-Waterbottle (healthy to always have one nearby)

-Underwear (toiletries, and personal items)

Clothing and Gear for Hiking-

-Small or Midsize Backpack Hydration Pack n Bladder (2-3 liters)

-Light Rain Jacket (great for wind too)

-Down Puffy Jacket (can be cold on Mt Peaks)

-Light-weight Hiking/Rain Pants (some folks prefer)

-Light-weight Hiking Shorts (form n function)

-Hiking Boots or Shoes (proper footwear is essential)

-Hat (one that will protects for high attitude sun)

-Hiking Poles (optional)

-Nutrition (Bars and Gels)

-SunScreen (for sure!)  

Clothing and Gear for Mountain Biking-

-MTBs and E-Mt Bikes are provided

-Sunglasses (protection from sun, bugs n dirt)

-Biking Shoes (clipless or flats)

-MTB Shorts (shorts that chamois liners)

-Non cotton Bike Jerseys (at least two)

-Non cotton Socks (at least 3 pairs)

-Light Rain Jacket (can be great if windy too) 

-Full Finger MTB Gloves (protection is key)

-Hydration Backpack (Bladder, 2-3 Liters)

-MTB Helmet (protects from the sun too)

-Your Saddle and Pedals (for your comfort, but not required)

-Protective MTB pads (If riding technical areas Pads are a must, G-Form Pads are great, because they’re light and easily worn while riding)

Yoga and Stand Up Paddle Boarding-

-Yoga Mat (we provide or bring yours)

-Yoga towel (we provide or bring yours)

-Bathing Suit (swimming)

-Yoga clothes (you know what they are)

-Paddle Boards and Life Jackets (we provide)